Just Say NO to Boring Lectures

Whether you teach in elementary schools, secondary schools, or are a college professor, your lecture can make – or break – your ability to get through to your students. The technological era – complete with video games and innumerable gadgets – has transformed the way students want to learn. The more visually engaging and interactive your lectures and lessons are, the better chance you have of reaching a wider student base.

3 Ways Presentation-based Lectures Revolutionize the Classroom

#1. They’re Engaging
. Consistent research on learning modalities has taught us that students learn in multiple ways: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic being the most predominant.

If your teaching techniques rely on lecture/listen formats, you are losing a majority of your students.

This is where online presentation software comes in. You can create a lesson using images, videos, and infographics to help illustrate your points. Typed content, in easy-to-read fonts, will help struggling readers. Lesson information will be significantly more accessible to students across the spectrum of learning modalities. And because your lecture is online, your students can refer back to it. You can even record a voice-over on each slide to reinforce key points, without clogging the slides with text.

#2. Access them Anywhere
. Once you’ve created your lessons, they can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Tired of having to replicate a lesson for absent students? Don’t always have the time to go over things with individual students on a regular basis? Easy online presentation access means students and parents can access the presentation themselves to reinforce the information. You can embed URLs on Facebook or your Class Webpage. They can be emailed to parents or Tweeted daily.

#3. Update lectures as Needed
. Your lecture is a living entity, which can be changed, modified, or updated as you find newer and more engaging examples, ideas, or strategies. Plus, universal accessibility means you don’t have to wait until you are back in the classroom to put your ideas on paper. Have a great idea while waiting in the airport? Heard an interview on NPR you think your students might like? Simply log in and edit your presentation in an instant.

Now is the time to “Just Say NO!” to boring teacher driven lectures, and to open your eyes to the variety of ways online presentation generators can bring your lecture materials into the 21st century.

Teachers and students are eligible for a free SlideRocket account.

Learn more and signup here.

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