Uber Expands Tipping Drivers in the App to 121 Cities

Back in June of this year, Uber officially rolled out the ability to tip drivers through its app, but the functionality was very limited in its availability.

That is changing today, though. For Uber customers, the ability to tip drivers directly through the app is finally rolling out across the United States. It is now available in 121 different cities, including New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many others. TechCrunch has the full list, which even includes some locations in Canada — including Toronto.

What’s more, Uber says that this is just one of many rollouts, and that it still plans on launching the ability for all of its drivers to get tipped within the app before the end of July:

“When Uber announced that tipping was being added to its rider app, it went live in Seattle Minneapolis and Houston only so that the company could evaluate the experience and make tweaks as necessary. Today’s rollout expands the pool by a considerable amount, and Uber says it’s still on track to make tips available to all drivers in the U.S. by the end of this month.”

Tipping is still an optional feature for riders. The screen to tip a driver won’t even appear until after the ride has been finished, and still only after the driver has been rated by the passenger. Riders do have up to 30 days after their ride to tip a driver, though, with the ability to either choose a custom tip amount, or to choose from $1, $2, or $5.

The new ability is rolling out now, so riders should see it as long as they’re in a supported city.

[via TechCrunch ]

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