French VC firm Breega adds $113 million to pot for EU startups

Fledgling France-based venture capital (VC) firm Breega Capital
(“Breega”) has announced that it has raised a new €100 million ($113 million) pot to invest in European startups.

Founded out of Paris in 2013, Breega typically invests in seed- and series-A stage startups across Europe. This latest fund represents its second following its inaugural €50 million ($57 million) back when it first launched, and which has so far been used to finance more than 25 startups such as Food Chéri, TravauxLib, Exotec, GoJob, and FretLink.

This latest cash pot takes Breega’s total financial capacity to €150 million ($170 million), and we’re told that a third fund could be announced later this year.

A spokesperson told VentureBeat that the new fund, titled “Breega Capital Venture 2,” is aimed at startups “potentially disrupting the FinTech and InsurTech sectors,” though digging a little under the hood reveals this isn’t necessarily blockchain startups and the like. Indeed, it could be a gym provider that just happens to partner with banks — such as, which Breega invested in earlier this week

Breega is one of a number of VC firms operating out of the French capital. A few weeks back, Paris-based Iris Capital announced the first closing of a new €250 million
($280 million) fund aimed at seed-to-growth stage startups. And last year Partech Ventures closed a $108 million fund
for 80 seed-stage startups in the U.S. and Europe, which followed shortly after a much larger $440 million fund
aimed at growth-stage startups.

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