Submission Guidelines

ProAndroidDev was founded in 2017 by the team of experienced Android Developers in Berlin. Our goal is to create a space for handpicked blog posts and proof-read all of them. Our editors are developers, so we definitely know what is valuable for the engineering knowledge. We are happy to support your blog post promotion in the community and provide you with necessary guidelines.

Below are some best practices we kindly ask to follow for every submission:

  1. The topic of your submission should be about Android App development or related to it.
  2. We prefer “in depth” posts, starter-level ones are accepted in exceptional cases.
  3. ProAndroidDev is community-driven and non-profitable, so no rewards for authors yet except the fame and respect :)
  4. Be sure to include a featured image to your post. It should be visible when the blog post is listed in the “Latest” section.
  5. Please use github gists
    for code snippets longer than 5 lines, to take the advantage of its formatting and syntax highlighting.
  6. Write your post in a structured way. It is nice to define a problem, try several solutions, determine the best one and finish with a short conclusion. Of course, this depends on the nature of your post as well.
  7. Don’t put too much gifs into your post (use common sense for this one). It could look cool but it might not seem mature for a professional publication.
  8. Please make a spelling check before the submission.

We are always welcome new authors and new ideas. Please contact us via email [email protected]

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