BlueSpin is a fidget spinner with tracking and sharing capabilities (really)

Just when you thought the fidget spinner fad is all but over, a developer apparently thinks there’s still a growing market for that. They’re now crowdfunding something called the BlueSpin, and it’s basically a fidget spinner with built-in Bluetooth so that it will send your “data” or your spinning skills to an app on your smartphone so you can boast about all the moves you can make. Aside from that it can….well basically that’s all it does.

The goal of the project is to connect fidget spinners all over the world into a community where they can share what they can do with their “gadget” and challenge friends and strangers to do the same. The spinner has touch sensitive buttons and also a position sensor to let the app recognize the moves that you’re making. But really, how many moves can you make on that thing?

The app itself is pretty simple, showing who’s on the leaderboard and who you’re up against. You can also share your results on Facebook and Google+ (really?). And there’s also a chat option in case you want to meet your new fidget spinning friends. In case you lose the spinner, you can also track it with the app since it is connected through Bluetooth.

The campaign isn’t actually live o you’ll still see 0 backers on their page (they have a goal of $20,000). Would you be willing to spend $49 just to boast about how well you switch the spinner from one hand to the other? Let’s see what happens when they go live supposedly this July.

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