Amazon refreshes Kindle Fire line with Alexa smarts

The Amazon tribe has new members – the Fire tablets got a minor refresh and a promo to go with it. The basic Kindle Fire 7 is still staggeringly cheap – $50/�50/�70 – but it now promises longer battery life (up to 8 hours). It�s also thinner and lighter and Amazon claims it�s �more durable than the latest iPad�.

As usual, this price is with Special offers (aka ads). Getting rid of them will cost you $15/�10/�15. Naturally, Alexa is supported, you can read Kindle eBooks (complete with X-Ray), watch Amazon Video (or Netflix) and other niceties.

The Kindle Fire HD 8 goes up to $80/�80/�100, battery life is up as well – up to 12 hours for this latest generation. You also get half a gig more RAM than the previous iteration. Keep in mind that both the Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 run on weak quad-core processors.

New Amazon Kindles: Fire 7 � Fire HD 8 � Fire 7 Kids edition � Fire HD 8 Kids edition

Then there are the Kids Editions of these tablets – $100/�100/�120 for the 7� model and $130/�130/�140 for the 8�. The extra price is worth it for the �No questions asked� return policy (for two years). The tablets have extra padding too, making them harder to break in the first place.

As for the promo – if you buy any three of these (they don�t have to be different) and apply the FIRE3PACK
promo code, Amazon will knock 20% off the total price.

Note that the tablets are currently on pre-order in the US and Europe and will be released on June 7.


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