YouTube for Android and iOS finally gets a dark mode

  • Google announced that a dark mode for YouTube is finally coming to Android and iOS.
  • The feature debuted on the YouTube desktop client last year.
  • Dark mode is rolling out to iOS users and coming soon for Android users.

Ever since Google included a dark mode forYouTubeon desktop, it was only a matter of time until the feature would be supported on the mobile app. Lo and behold, YouTube forAndroid andiOSis finally gaining the elusive dark mode, reports The Verge .

To access the new theme, tap your account icon on the top right, select “Settings,” then select “Dark Theme.” The app will automatically switch to a darker hue, with no app restart necessary for the change to go into effect.

According to Google, a dark mode was one of the most requested features for its mobile apps. The company introduced a hidden dark mode for the desktop client inMay 2017, around the same time when the service rolled out its cleaner and simplerMaterial Design-inspired interface.

Google also teased the feature asrecently as January, when the dark mode was found within the app’s code.

Having a dark theme has its advantages. Apart from making it easier on the eyes in a dimly-lit setting, a dark mode can help you to better focus on content and potentially save a bit of battery life.

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With the update, YouTube joins a growing list of apps that feature a dark mode. That list includes Twitter and third-party Twitter clients, Reddit and third-party Reddit clients, Feedly, Pocket Casts, and more.

The update is rolling out to iOS users today and should arrive soon for Android users.

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