Essential Phone receives long-awaited Android Oreo 8.1 update

After numerous beta updates and delays,Android Oreo has finally landed on theEssential Phone. Originally intended to launch with the vanilla version of Oreo, Essential opted instead for the latest version due to some stability concerns.

If you check for a software update, you should have immediate access to the overdue upgrade, which will require a restart once the download is complete.

We’re excited to announce the full release ofAndroid Oreo 8.1 on Essential Phone! Check your phone now for the update. March 13, 2018

Android Oreo brings more stability to the PH-1, as well as faster boot times and picture-in-picture reigning supreme amongst the other improvements.

This Android Oreo update will certainly make the Essential Phone better than before, though it’s now slightly overshadowed by theAndroid P developer preview that just tested on theGoogle Pixel 2 andPixel 2 XL.

Once Android P’s notch-friendly update launches in full, it could mean even better support for the PH-1, or its successor, if one ever comes to market.

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