YouTube dark mode starts hitting mobile, Android expected ‘soon’

The much-anticipated system-wide dark mode we were looking forward to ( after the arrival of some tantalizing evidence ) in an upcoming Android release may not exactly be right around the corner, but there’s still ample reason to be excited if you’re the kind of user who craves that easy-on-the-eyes look for your mobile apps. For months now we’ve been expecting a new dark mode to go live for YouTube, and while Google’s not quite ready to push the button on dark-mode YouTube for Android, the feature is currently heading out to iOS users.

Our first hint of serious work towards a dark mode for YouTube landed last fall , when we saw signs of a dark theme for the app’s video-playback panel. While that was tantalizing preview, the makeover it delivered didn’t extend to all corners of the app.

We spotted YouTube making progress in that direction early this year , as settings for a dark mode started to include more and more of the app’s UI elements. The playback screen featured a more consistent skinning, and we already saw developers fine-tuning the shades of dark gray tones being employed. But even with new evidence that the whole app was going dark, it was clear that significant work remained, with some screens stuck in a halfway state: white text, but also a white background.

So when will those last details be ironed out and YouTube dark mode for Android ready for all to enjoy? Well like we said, right now the mobile roll-out has only just begun, and so far it’s only hitting iOS—this follows the desktop launch of dark mode last year.

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