ObjectRocket® Delivers Fully Managed MongoDB-as-a-Service On Microsoft® Azure® For Access t…

AUSTIN, Texas–( BUSINESS WIRE )–ObjectRocket, a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) company offering solutions

that leverage some of the most popular open source database

technologies, today announced


. Customers

now have the ability to manage their MongoDB instance via the

ObjectRocket Control Panel, with 24x7x365 access to the ObjectRocket

database team and deep MongoDB expertise.

ObjectRocket offers a purpose-built data platform fully managed and

supported by data engineers and DBAs, giving businesses of all size

access to unlock the power of open source, enterprise-grade technology.

ObjectRocket for MongoDB is a uniquely designed, fully managed

database-as-a-service solution that delivers significant cost savings

and lightning-fast speed to customers managing data from anywhere.

ObjectRocket now supports customer applications across the globe that

run on Microsoft Azure.

“Our new offering makes it easier for businesses to build, run, and

scale applications that use MongoDB in the cloud,” said Stephen Nolan,

general manager, ObjectRocket. “For example, businesses whose

applications reside in Germany and want their data as close to their

application as possible, will enjoy greater ease of access and

management, while also incorporating data rules and regulations under

the GDPR.”

ObjectRocket for MongoDB on the Azure offering was generated in

collaboration with customers in an early Beta program. Several of these

customers used MongoDB to power their Sitecore ® Experience

Database™, a scalable repository that collects and connects customer

data in real-time. This means marketers have access to a single view of

every individual customer to more accurately deliver highly personalized


“We regularly leverage the ObjectRocket services to solve our clients’

Sitecore xDB needs, as it’s easy to ensure their xDB solution operates

at optimal efficiency,” said Jason Perry, CEO of Engagency. “We never

have to worry about deploying hardware, installing software, configuring

backups or dealing with the specifics of sharing and replication. And if

a MongoDB issue or question arises, the ObjectRocket team is quick to


Fully managed MongoDB on Azure is available now from ObjectRocket.

MongoDB instances are dedicated clusters of Azure virtual machines

linked together and managed within an ObjectRocket Azure subscription.

This ensures optimal performance while allowing ObjectRocket to

configure, monitor, and upgrade MongoDB instances, so customers can

focus on their application and not worry about the database.

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About ObjectRocket®

ObjectRocket, a Rackspace company, offers database-as-a-service (DBaaS)

solutions for some of the most popular open source database

technologies. The ObjectRocket purpose-built platform with DBA service

included, allows businesses to focus on their core value

proposition. ObjectRocket provides scalable, fast, secure, and reliable

MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis database hosting and management backed

with the expertise to solve the most challenging database

problems. ObjectRocket works with popular public and private businesses

including UnderArmour® Connected Fitness, Braze, Inc. (formerly Appboy),

Tagboard, Untappd Inc. and SumAll.

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