Pass the Jsp variable to javascript as a function parameter

Pass the PHP variable to Javascript at a specific point

I am passing a PHP variable to Javascript, but only at a specific point in the code. As the PHP code continues, the variable I need changes. I could easily just run the Javascript and grab the PHP variable when the page is done loading, but that won’

Pass the C # variable to JavaScript in ASP Web Forms

I’m using ASP web forms. Suppose I have a variable in my user control (ascx.cs) protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { public string someText = “Hello World”; } I want to pass this variable to JavaScript. The code in the ascx fil

Symfony2 passes the controller variable to javascript

I have this controller.php $repository = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager()->getRepository(‘TechappStatsBundle:ParentForm’); $data = $repository->findBy(array(),array(‘id’ => ‘desc’),1,0); $formulaire = new ParentForm(); $parent= $this->

Pass the JSP variable to a java class method

I have a JSP file named as project.jsp. It contains a variable String context = request.getcontextpath(); which will deliver context path of my server URL. /ARUBA-LIB-G3245-KITKAT from http://localhost:8080/ARUBA-LIB-G3245-KITKAT/. Now I want to acce

Pass the PHP variable to JavaScript via functions

I have the following text in a field from my database: Studied project requirements and documented specifications accordingly Developed routing models for PDMS piping and associated equipment Designed 3D illustrations for rough and final layout of pi

Pass the custom c ++ type as a QML function parameter

Im trying to create and pass a custom class instance to a Q_INVOKABLE function with the respective parameter. I tried to make an example to point out what im trying to do. So basically i have a class Foo and another class Bar with a function that tak

Pass the PHP associative array cursor as a function parameter

I’m trying to figure out how to pass an array cursor (i.e. an arbitrary location in an array) as a function parameter. Assume I’ve got the following array: $recipe = array(“ingredient1″=>array( “type”=>”cheddar cheese”,

Pass the PHP variable in JavaScript with Callback

I want to validate a password via JavaScript with help of an Ajax function. If it is successful, I want to pass back the variable (boolean, true or false) and do something in my PHP file depending on the callback. But this doesn’t work. Here is my co

C # – Passing the C # variable to JavaScript

I have the following line of code in C#: Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Page.GetType(), null, “‘http://localhost:4000/Transaction_Number.aspx?num=’, ‘_newtab’)”, true); Now, trans_number is a variable

Pass the PHP variable to JavaScript via AJAX (chat application)

heyo! I’m trying to create a chat app for my website which has users (registration, login etc). I’m using NodeJS as the chat server so I can use SocketIO with it. I have a index.php, in which I have set up a form with a text field and a submit button

Passing the php variable with the path as a value to javascript

This question already has an answer here: Pass a PHP array to a JavaScript function [duplicate] 4 answers I have a php variable which has path as value.I am trying to pass this url variable to javascript function. private function call_import_functio

Pass the JS variable from the Iframe element to the JSP parent on the secondary subdomain

I am stuck at 1 location and need some help. I created two subdomains on apache tomcat server like and in server.xml. On domain1 I have a JSP that includes iFrame (hosted on domain2). How can we pass the JS

How to pass a java variable to javascript

I want to pass a java variable to javascript in away I donot have body tag in my jsp page then I cann’t pass it this way : <body onload="start();”> and I need to run this javascript onload. is there anyother way to pass java

get ArrayList JSP variables in JavaScript function

I am trying to get familiar with javaScript and currently stumbled upon one issue: How to get ArrayList JSP variables in JavaScript function? Fo example I figured out how I can get an int value, but dont know how to move the array list var total='<%=

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