FakeHttpServer breaks when upgrading to Jetty 9

I am migrating an application that used Jetty 7.4.5.v20110725 to Jetty 9.3.0.M2, using Maven. I already had upgraded the javax.servlet-api
to 3.1.0.

But I am using the FakeHttpServer version 0.3.0
for tests, and at this time there is no newer version. It uses the org.eclipse.jetty.server.nio.SelectChannelConnector
class that used to exist up to Jetty 8.x, but does not exists anymore in Jetty 9.

Currently my projects breaks at runtime with a NoClassDefFoundError
due to the removed class in Jetty that FakeHttpServer tries to use, holding me back from upgrading Jetty. What can I do to fix that?

Note, this was also cross-posted in the Portuguese StackOverflow version: https://pt.stackoverflow.com/q/64548/132

Upgrade the code that uses Jetty on FakeHttpServer for Jetty 9.

That is your only choice if you want to use Jetty 9 with FakeHttpServer.

Looking at the project page for FakeHttpServer
, it seems that there have been no updates (commits) to the project tree since Dec 2012.

You’ll either have to convince the project leads to update it, or do it yourself.

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