Load balancing problem on cluster EJB calls in Weblogic

Our Application has 2 Clusters running in Weblogic 12 C.

Each Cluster 4 Managed Servers. Cluster B is making EJB Call to Cluster A through Foreign JNDI . In Cluster A EJB Calls are not distributing across the managed server ? This results in overload of One Server in Cluster A. We are using round robin load balancing in Cluster Configuration.

Can you tell me any other configuration we can make in our Weblogic to make ejb calls get load balanced ?

Regards, Sakumar

It’s like you need to set your Foreign JNDI URL to specify all of the hosts in the cluster. It doesn’t matter if the cluster is load balanced if the client keeps calling the same host.

Instead of this, which will direct all traffic to one host:

java.naming.provider.url = t3://server1:port1

Try using:

java.naming.provider.url = t3://server1:port1,server2:port2


It sounds like the weblogic algorithm is not doing what you want, look at: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24329_01/web.1211/e24425/load_balancing.htm#CLUST180

Specifically – the round-robin algorithm cycles through a list of WebLogic Server instances in order
. So it’s hitting the first server every time because that is the first in your list. I would recommend trying another algorithm or using an external load balancer

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