LG settles bootloop lawsuit: Members get $425 in cash or a $700 LG phone rebate

According to a settlement website set up by the law firm Girard Gibbs , members of aclass action lawsuit against LG for G4, V10, V20, Nexus 5X, and G5 bootloop problems have received a settlement offer. The suit went to arbitrationlast summer.

LG is offering class members either $425 as a cash settlement, or a $700 rebate toward the purchase of a new LG phone. That’s pretty generous, and it’s clear that’s going to help offset some of the angst LG’s created with this whole incident. I would guess most people are going to take the cash offer – that’s a lot more than even a brand-new, working Nexus 5X – one of the most common devices affected – would go for on the open market. Sure, you could put that $700 rebate toward a V30 and see how much you’d get for that new in the box, but really, that’s a lot of hassle.

Anyway, if you’re a member of the class (

yes, it’s too late to join – this is a done deal
well, it’s not clear if you can still join the class, but fill out
this proof of claim

form by February 12, 2018 and see what happens), you don’t have to mail in your broken phone or anything, you just get the settlement offer, straight up. Members of the class will be contacted shortly with instructions on how to take advantage of the settlement. Payments will be distributed beginning in March.

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