Moving / dressing the mesh in the 3D engine (iPhone)

I’m new in 3D games developing so I have kinda dummy question – how to move a mesh in 3D engine (under moving I mean a walking animation). And how to dress some skin on it?

What I have:

  1. open source 3D OpenGL engine – NinevehGL . It’s super easy to load a mesh to. I’ pretty sure it will be awesome engine when it will be released!
  2. a mesh model of the human. (it’s mesh of a female that I downloaded from some open source web site..)
  3. found a web site from which I can download skeleton animation in formats: dao (COLLADA) , XML , BVH (?) –
  4. what I stuck on (see attached image)

So, how can I join all these things and make simple game when dressed human will walk forward and backward?

The problem is difficult to answer, because it would require knowledge of the engine’s API. Also you can’t just stick a skeletal animation onto some mesh. You need some connection between both, a process called rigging, in which you add “bones” (also called armatures) to the mesh. This is an artistic process, done in a 3D modeller. Then you need to implement a skeletal animation system, which is a far too complex task to answer in a single Stackoverflow answer (it involves animation curve evaluation, quaternion interpolation, skinning matrices, etc.).

You should break down your question into smaller pieces.

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