The height of div element is not setting automatically

                border:1px solid Gray;


If u run the above code in Jsfiddle, then it shows a border around the text
and the important thing is that
the height of the block class is auto
, so it automatically adjust its height.

But the problem comes when i added the following css :


Now the height of div.block
is not set automatically. Can anybody tell me the problem?

Problem courtesy of: gaurav


Now You need a Clearfix for it

content: ".";

html[xmlns] .clearfix {
display: block;

* html .clearfix {
height: 1%;

you add it like this


Solution courtesy of: Arnab Shaw


because float takes them out of the current flow. They are not inside the block div in the same way they where, use positioning and display:inline to get them to line up the way you want

Discussion courtesy of: Simon McLoughlin

You can use absolute positioning where by the outer element is set to height:auto and the inner #pe and #area are set to height:100%.

Have a look at this answer: How to make a floated div 100% height of its parent?

Discussion courtesy of: Monokh

That’s because they’re not part of the common flow of the document anymore.

The solution could be to set display: block
in the block class and then use position: absolute
to position the element within that block by using left: 0
and right: 0

Discussion courtesy of: Jon Stødle

Just add overflow:hidden to class “block”.

   border:1px solid Gray;

Here is the fiddle:

Discussion courtesy of: SVS

I would add overflow:hidden
to the containing element ( #header
). That should fix it.

Discussion courtesy of: Anriëtte Myburgh

add float:left; in your block class.

Discussion courtesy of: CSS Guy

Although a bit dirtier, you can also add something that clears both after the floated elements.

There are also cleaner “clearfix” variations of this as well, that will let you clear:both without adding non-semantic markup.

Discussion courtesy of: ltiong_sh

This recipe can be found in it’s original form on Stack Over Flow

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