Record a video with audio using the webcam in the HTML page

I wish to know how to record a video from webcam which also records audio, currently the solutions out there like getUserMedia
only records Video or Audio, one at a time, it does not record video that has audio in it.

I need to create a website that allows users to RECORD LIVE VIDEO and save it in the website. I tried using some of the existing plugins like navigator.getUserMedia
to record the video but that video get’s recorded without any audio.

So I just wish to know what changes do I need to do to getUserMedia
so that it records audio as well while recording video.

I have never done this before so for some this may sound like a silly question but I really need to understand how to record LIVE VIDEO using webcam.

For now I am using navigator.getUserMedia

I read somewhere that you cannot record VIDEO & AUDIO simultaneously using getUserMedia, is this true?

I don’t know if there is any other plugin that is free and will help me record proper LIVE VIDEO. I am open to using any other plugin may that be jQuery or Flash, I just need to know how to record a proper VIDEO.

When I say proper video I mean that that video should have audio as well.

Thank you in advance.

PS:- I am using PHP, Apache Webserver for back-end processing.

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