SQL query with complex subquery

I have two tables, Foo and Bar. Foo contains a foreign key to Bar’s primary key (bar_id). Bar is structured to allow a parent/child relationship to itself through a foreign key (bar_parent_id) to another record in Bar. This relationship is limited such that any Bar record that has a parent cannot itself be a parent. However, any given parent can have multiple children.

My query needs to select all of the records in Foo that match a given record in Bar as well any of the Bar’s parents, children or siblings. The query below works, but is somewhat slow. Is there any way to structure it so that it will run faster?

SELECT f.field1, f.field2
FROM Foo f
WHERE f.bar_id IN (
    SELECT bar_id
    FROM Bar
    WHERE bar_id = @bar_id OR
    bar_parent_id = @bar_id OR
    bar_id = (SELECT bar_parent_id FROM Bar WHERE bar_id = @bar_id) OR
    bar_parent_id = (SELECT bar_parent_id FROM Bar WHERE bar_id = @bar_id AND bar_parent_id > 0)

P.S. This is a simplified version of the real query. It actually has a second, identical subquery to another table that has the same self/parent/child relationship as Bar.

You can try but I’m not sure of the correctness

    f.field1, f.field2
    foo f
    LEFT JOIN bar b
    LEFT JOIN bar bParent
    ON b.parent_id = bParent.bar_id
    LEFT JOIN bar bChildren
    ON b.bar_id = bChildren.Parent_id
    b.bar_id = @bar_id
    bParent.bar_id = @bar_id
    bChildren.bar_id = @bar_id
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