ZTE will launch a 5G smartphone in the U.S. by early 2019

5G is the next big thing for wireless carriers, but for it to really matter there has to be smartphones on the market that can actually take advantage of the faster speeds. Well, it turns out at least one company is ready to start making announcements to prepare customers for what’s coming down the pipe.

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,ZTE has confirmed that it will launch a 5G smartphone in the United States by early 2019.

That’s still quite a ways away, but with the commercial rollout of a 5G network still in the working stages, it should coincide nicely. For instance,AT&T has said that it will launch its 5G network before the end of 2018, so a handset rollout in early 2019 makes sense.

ZTE also hinted that a 5G-ready tablet and a wireless internet hub could be coming down the pipeline, too, but wouldn’t provide any details about any of the products. While we can hope that ZTE is planning on launching a flagship top-tier handset with 5G capabilities, we’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case.

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