Obtain an entry from the user’s console – Java code

Obtain a matrix from the user? C Programming

My console keeps on crashing after entering a few numbers. I am trying to get an array of 10 numbers from the user thru the console and then taking count of positives, negatives, evens, and odds. What am I doing wrong? #include #include &l

Get an integer array entry from the user in Java

I need to get a series of integers from the user. The user will not be prompted to enter the numbers. The input will be of the following form: 6 34 12 7 4 22 15 3 3 6 2 The first line signifies the number of integers in the second line. I first tried

How to create an array from the user input in Java and perform operations on

I have just started learning Java, and i can’t figure out how to create an array from user input. For example, a user inputs n numbers, and the program outputs the square of each number. Wherever I look, i see that the array length is predefined, and

Obtain a boolean entry from the user in VB.net

I have a variable which is a boolean datatype and using the windows console I am looking to store use input inside it. I know how to do this using if statements and data validation, but I am looking to see if vb has a method to handle this naturally?

Obtain skype status from the user in a rails application

I have a rails application in which user provides his skype address.I want to able to determine the skype status of the user(online or offline) when some one sees his profile. How can i do that in my application? Does any know of a ready to use gem/p

Take an entry from the user and consult a database

I am starting a side project to learn more about interactive web designs. My idea is to ask the user for his favorite movie and return 4 of the most frequently appeared adjectives when the movie’s name was googled. I have created an input field and s

How can I scan one node at a time from the XML file via Java code?

This is my XML file: MYapp qwe 1234 system security &

Obtain an entry from the command line and pass it to a method

I’m getting a string array from command line and displaying it to user as integer array. What could be the mistake here? import java.lang.String; public class arrayConvert { String strArray[]; public int[] StrArrtoIntArr(String strArray[]) { int intA

do not use R, can not manipulate the user interface via Java code

I have multiple buttons on the same activity each invoking the method “guessMade()” when they are clicked. Every time a button is clicked, I would like to set the name of that button as the message that is going to be displayed in a TextView. Ne

Assembly8086 – how to get an entry from the arrow keys

So I’m familiar with int 21h in assembly that gets keyboard input from the user based on ASCII code. In my code I want to make the user able to use the arrow keys, I searched around the internet and did not find a clear answer about the arrow keys AS

Get multiple line entries from the console

I want to paste a JSON as an input to the console and convert it to string. input: { “age”:”23″, “name”:”abc”, “blog”:”asskakasjsa”, “messages”:[“msg1″,”msg2″,”

Obtain an array of characters from the user without using a string

I want to acquire a password string from the user on Android. I do not want this string to be stored in a Java String at any point in the process from when the user types it, to where it arrives in my code in a char or byte array. The reason for this

create a JTextField to receive an input from the user

System.out.println(“Please enter the website :”); Scanner scan2 = new Scanner(System.in); String word2 = scan2.nextLine(); try { URL my_url = new URL(“http://” + word2 + “/”); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputS

Unable to use `document.execCommand (‘copy’);` from the developer’s console

Calling document.execCommand(‘copy’); from the Chrome developer console returns false every time. Give it a try yourself. Open the console and run it, it never succeeds. Any idea as to why? document.execCommand(‘copy’) must be triggered by the user.

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