Angular more popular with Java developers, Python & Node.js developers prefer React

“The JavaScript ecosystem is richer than ever, and even the most experienced developer can start to hesitate when considering the multitude of options available at every stage,” according to The State of JavaScript 2017.

They are not wrong, that’s for sure. A lot of things are happening in the JavaScript world right now and we’re happy to help by showcasing developers’ experiences with different libraries and frameworks. As a matter of fact, the newJAX Magazineissue is all about the JavaScript universe. You can grab your free copy now.

Stack Overflow’s Ian Allen set out to show that “JavaScript UI frameworks and libraries work in cycles.” He used Stack Overflow Trends to see how popular Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone, Knockout, and Ember are and when their popularity started and/or peaked. He concluded that there seems to be two major phases in JavaScript framework usage:

  • a quick ascent, as the framework gains popularity
  • a slightly less quick but steady decline as developers adopt newer technologies

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“There are various factors that may go into a developer’s use of one particular front-end framework or another,” Ian wrote in the blog post . “Developers who primarily work with one programming language or technology may be more inclined to choose a certain UI framework.”

He broke developers into groups based on the tag they most visit, and for each group examined the percentage of traffic that goes to each of these frameworks.

Frameworks used along with programming technologies


It seems that developers who primarily work with Java are more inclined to choose Angular , whereas React is more popular with Node.js , and Python developers. Node.js developers are also giving Vue.js some love but not as much as PHP developers.

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Hottest freelance skills: React.js secures Top 5 spot

The number of libraries and frameworks could easily overwhelm anyone so if you’re still on the lookout for the perfect framework and/or library, let’s see what’s trendy these days.

If we look at Upwork’s latest Skills Index , React.js may not be No.1 but it’s important enough (number 5) to be included in the top 5 fastest-growing skills (Q3 2017) in the US. AngularJS development didn’t make the Top 10 freelance skills list but it did occupy a decent position (number 12).

However, this might not be so surprising, if you ask Laurie Voss, co-founder and COO of npm. In a recent interview, he said:

React is growing faster than JavaScript in general, while Angular is basically keeping pace. The difference can probably be explained in terms of “what would a new developer pick?” since that’s where new growth of frameworks tends to come from.

Read the entire interviewhere.


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