PHP does not insert in tables

I’m having trouble getting a practice signup form to submit data to my database …





In addition to Ugur’s answer, you are mismatching mysqli commands and mysql commands. Here’s how to do this in an object oriented fashion:

// create mysqli database object
$mysqli = new mysqli_connect("localhost","username","password","database");
// store your query in a variable. question marks are filled by variables
$sql = "INSERT INTO table_name ('username','password') VALUES (?,?)";
// prepare command uses $sql variable as query
$stmt = mysqli->prepare($sql);
// "ss" means your 2 variables are strings, then you pass your two variables.
// execute does as it seems, executes the query.
// then print your success message here.

Using prepared statements removes the need to sanitize user input, as harmful input is not substituted into the query directly. For more reading:

There are some good tips for using prepared statements in many different scenarios, as well as towards the bottom, there is an explanation on how prepared statements prevent SQL injection.

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