Autoposting problem in DropDownList

Problems in DropDownList with updatepanel

I have two DropDownList with update panel when i select value from first dropdownlist then in second dropdownlist display data related first. But there is problem at run time it can’t display dropdownlist and continuously refresh this page. So please

Problem with dropdownlist updateprogress and updatepanel

The updateprogress doesnt show the gif. If the dropdownlist is inside updatepanel without trigger, it works. Any idea? <asp:dropdownlist id="DropDownList1" runat="server" autopostback="true" onselectedindexchanged="Dr

Problems with DropDownList in MVC


Experience level
model.ExperienceLevelID, (SelectList)ViewData[“Experience”], “–select–“)%> <%:

I have a problem with dropdownLists

I have a dictionary that looks like this Dictionary I also have 2 dropdownlist. I want the second dropdownlist present data depending on what the item from the first dropdropdownlist was chosen. So i added an event to the second dro

The selected DropDownList index changed Event in the jQuery dialog box

Problem: when dropdownlist selected index changes, another dropdownlist should be populated depending on the selected value. I am using webforms. In the masterpage I have this code which allows me to get postbacks from the jquery dialog: var dlg = $(

Cascading DropDownList not filled

I’ve been working on this for several days with no luck. I’m simply trying to get a couple Cascading DropDownList to work — that’s it. However, the DropDownLists won’t even display the “PromptText” text and it definitely won’t populate. I’ve co

dropdownlist item selected throw exception (empty stack)

I meet some problem with Dropdownlist item selected. First , I add item into Dropdownlist then select item,but it always throw exception (stack empty) . The exception says stack empty , but I had add new items in dropdownlist. why I cant select ? In

How can you use MVD DropDownlist

I have a problem with DropDownlist in MVC I use ModelView in my application and this is my code namespace MedicallexiconProject.ViewModel { public class WordViewModel { private readonly ICategoryService _categoryService; public WordViewModel(ICategor

MVC drop-down list of database text, value

I have problem with dropdownlist. I want show text in selectedlist but select Id. How I implement view? In view I must save selected data to model (odbiorca) Controller: var odbiorca = dbU.Uczniowie.OrderBy(d => d.Nazwisko).Select(m => m.Nazwisko +

how to handle errors using try catch in a drop-down list in a detailed view

I have a dropdownlist inside a detailsview where I will be editing records inside the details view. My problem is dropdownlist inside the details view is bind to a field and giving an error ‘DropDownList1’ has a SelectedValue which is invalid because

Kendo UI Dropdownlist Filter problem

I’m using the latest Kendo UI version with jQuery version 1.8. Everything works well except filtering in Kendo dropdownlists. When the filter is enabled, the dropdown is closed immediately after opening. Please see the fiddle here:

DropDownList Validation – Problem

I’m having a problem in ASP.NET MVC with DropDownList validation. I have two actions “Create”. They are defined as follow: public ActionResult Create() { var categoriasDownloads = from catDown in modelo.tbCategoriasDownloads orderby catDown.Titu

Kendo MVC Cascading Dropdownlist Problem

I am using Kendo UI ASP.NET MVC and I want to do a cascading drop-down list using it. I am having problem in 3rd drop-down list which shows all values from database instead of the selected id value from second drop-down list. My Controller Code :- pu

Another selected item problem DropDownList

I am really confused about ASP.Net MVC (2.0 RC) DropDownList. It doesn’t seem to accept my selected item. Here is my SelectListItem list (it is created inside loop. Selected being boolean) savingTypesList.Add(new SelectListItem() { Selected = selecte


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