New in Highrise — our Small Business CRM

New in Highrise — our Small Business CRM

Lead Reports, Whom You’ve Talked To, And More

First and foremost, thank you.

We want you to know we are so thankful for you, our customers. For all of your passion about Highrise and excitement for new features. For all of your input on how to make Highrise better.

With so many priorities and distractions, we love providing something that makes business and life easier and we’re so thankful to have the opportunity to do so.

If you’ve been thinking about sharing some Highrise love and have a spare few minutes, we could use a review on Capterra to help get the word out. Or if you want to give some credit and get credit for your own Highrise account, you have a special referral link .

As always, if you need anything, whether Highrise or otherwise, please shout. We’d love to help.

Please note we plan on having a window of downtime(10–25 minutes) next week on Monday, Dec 11 at 7pm Central time. The exact date and time may change. Please keep your eye out for in-app announcements about the downtime. We know this isn’t ideal and interrupts your workflow but the maintenance will vastly improve our infrastructure to set us up for the future.

And we hope you are having a wonderful start to your holidays. Here are some new goodies inside Highrise for you :)

P.S.You can also follow more behind the scenes on how we design products, run the business, and try to just get through life at a YouTube channel I host .

Nathan Kontny

CEO, Highrise

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Lead Activity Report — Track and report sales activity

When you’re managing a team, or you, yourself are involved in so many follow ups and daily activities, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the flurry of activity. It’s great to take a step back on a regular basis (especially right around this time of year :) and see everything your team has accomplished.

For this reason, we launched some high level reporting about a year ago:

But since then we continue to receive requests like:

Can we export our activity to use in a monthly report?


I’d like a report on how our leads are progressing through our pipeline.

We are happy to announce Highrise now has an activity report as well….

Read about our new lead activity report here .

Find Whom You’ve Talked To — More activity filter improvements

Awhile back, we redid the Contact Filters so you can see which leads or contacts HAVEN’T been contacted within a certain timeframe.

While that’s been well received, we’ve found ourselves (and others) also needing the reverse. So today, we’re announcing the ability to filter on contacts you HAVE contacted recently:

Read more about our new filters here .

Saved Filters

And coming soon — the ability to save filters:

Mobile Apps

Did you miss our recent mobile app updates? Whether you use an Android or iPhone check out Highrise Mobile 3.1 and keep in mind we have more (big) mobile announcements in store after the new year!

Read about more Highrise Mobile 3.1 features here .

Highrise Blog and Case Studies

  • As a real estate agent with nationally renowned brokerage Keller Williams, Ken Jansen was frustrated at how much trouble he was having staying on top of his business, Kansas City Real Estate 411. He needed a change… Read more on using Highrise successfully for real estate .
  • D&G Media Services is an agency that specializes in social media marketing for restaurants. They go behind the scenes, produce product videos for Facebook ads, and generally help restaurants in the Orlando area with their overall social media plan and execution… Read more on how Dee uses Highrise to run his social media agency .
  • Matthew Bischoff helps run a six person software studio in New York City called Lickability. They’ve built mobile apps for such prestigious clients as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Meetup among many others… Read more about how a software studio uses Highrise .

Every week we publish a new tip such as:

Follow us on Medium for more frequent Highrise tips and announcements. Or subscribe on YouTube for daily business insights.

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