Mysql dump – exclude some table data

In MySQL Workbench, using & ldquo; Table Data Import Wizard & rdquo; CSV creates an empty table

I am attempting to import a csv file into a MySQL table using the Table Data Import Wizard. The sample section at the bottom of the Configure Import Settings screen looks fine and when I run the import, it says all of my entries were loaded successfu

MYSQL Dump only some lines

I am trying to do a mysql dump of a few rows in my database. I can then use the dump to upload those few rows into another database. The code I have is working, but it dumps everything. How can I get mysqldump to only dump certain rows of a table? He

PHP & amp; MySQL: Check if the table data has changed without a survey?

Is there a way to test if a MySQL table’s data has changed at all, without connecting or querying. This might sound weird, but in ASP.NET you can set up SqlDependencies that are kind of events that occur when data is changed (so you don’t have to pol

MySQL condition excluding some desired records

I have 5 tables which I want to join in MySQL to return a list of students who are enrolled in courses, the courses they are enrolled in, the assignments in those courses, and the grades the students earned on each assignment (or NULL, if the student

Join MySQLi to retrieve multiple table data

I have two table user and follow.I want to write view such that it will fetch all details of perticuler user along with that two extra column as follower count and followee count alias. eg. user id=11 then all details from user tables plus followcoun

Mysql how to measure table data by column

GROUP BY does not work for this I have this: —————– name col1 col2 —————– a null 1 b null 3 a 3 null b 4 null I need this result: —————– name col1 col2 —————– a 3 1 b 4 3 Use MAX to eliminate the NULLs and

Filtering table data based on the search keyword using jQuery

I want to accomplish one simple thing using jQuery. I want to filter some table data on a page and there is a search box on top of the same page. On every keystroke, I want to hide each row that does not match the search field. I want to process only

run mysql dump file to create table and feed data in the project nodejs

I am working on nodejs project. I have following mysql dump file. Rather go on and creating that table manually and feed data manually using mysql queries, I want to execute following dump file which will create the table and feed/insert the data in

Postgresql: How to apply pg_dump –exclude-table-data patch?

I have a production server (ec2) with a Django App and Postgresql Database. I make a DB backup everynight with pg_dump which backs up the tables data. sudo -u postgres pg_dump –column-inserts –data-only mydb > mybackup.sql Postgres provides the pos

Prefer some MySql optimization techniques for bulk data array

i faced the problem on query processing for large amount of data in MySql. i need to fetch data into more than four tables by join function . the query runs very slowly on server . how to optimize the processing time for multiple join queries. I am c

Mysql dump tables only

In my database I have some tables and views. How can I export all the tables (and not the views) from my database from command line?You can use mysqldump with the option –ignore-table to exclude the views individually. Or use mysqldump and remove th

How to export the mysql database structure only via the command line, but export specific table data from the specified list

I want to export MySQL database through command line with following two conditions as below, Export database tables structure only. But at the time of Exporting data, I want to export specified table data and structure both that are mention in comman

Extract the CREATE TABLE definitions from MySQL dump?

I have a MySQL dump file over 1 terabyte big. I need to extract the CREATE TABLE statements from it so I can provide the table definitions. I purchased Hex Editor Neo but I’m kind of disappointed I did. I created a regex CREATEs+TABLE(.|s)*?(?=ENGI

How to exclude certain tables from being binlogged in mysql?

I need to exclude some files from being logged in the binary log to avoid wasting my network bandwidth and time on replication of caching tables. i know there is [mysqld] binlog-ignore-db=DB_TO_BE_SKIPPED how can i do so for specific tables (Caching

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