Lock image file in PictureBox

Displaying animated gif in Winforms without locking the file

I’m trying to display images of various file types (including animated .gif files) in my Winforms application. I also have to be able to modify the files that are shown. (change the file name, delete them). The problem is that a Picturebox locks the

Delete the image file used by XAML

I’m trying to delete a Image file in WPF, but WPF locks the file. <menuitem header="Delete…" x:name="DeletePers

Renumber image files to be contiguous to bash

I have a directory with image files that follow a naming scheme and are not always contiguous. e.i: IMG_33.jpg IMG_34.jpg IMG_35.jpg IMG_223.jpg IMG_224.jpg IMG_225.jpg IMG_226.jpg IMG_446.jpg I would like to rename them so they go something like thi

How to quickly save an unsigned character array to an image file?

I have an array of unsigned char array which is actually a RGBA raw image. How to export it into the image file? Any image file format is OK.You can write it straight out as RGBA in binary. Then use ImageMagick, which is installed on most Linux distr

How to find the Java / Scala thread that has locked a file?

In brief: How to find which Java/Scala thread has locked a file? I know that a class/thread in JVM has locked a concrete file (overlaps a region of file), but I don’t know how. It’s possible to find out what class/thread is doing this when I stop app

Viewing the 8-bit RAW image file in openCV

I have a raw file which contains a header of 5 bytes containing the number of rows and columns in first two bits each . The 5th byte contains the number of bits for each pixel in the image which is 8 bits in all cases. The image data follows after th

Problem with deleting and re-adding an image file in my iOS4 application set

My problem is something that should be so simple it is mind boggling. When I change the look (in PhotoShop) of an image file that is being stored in my app bundle. My method for replacing the old image in the bundle with the new one is this: 1) remov

Yeoman changing image file name, does not update in HTML

I’ve been building an Angular app with the help of Yeoman and I am finding it to be pretty delightful except for one small thing. When I build and deploy my project with grunt serve:dist all of the images I use are broken. This is because Yeoman is c

GIMP: Creates a stack of images from all image files in the folder

I need to compare the results of segmentation algorithms where lots of images need to be stacked – e.g. original and binary image. So I thought of a GIMP script which takes the name of a directory and puts all containing image files into layers so th

Unable to mount the Android Things image file in OS X for tweak config files

Some tutorials recommend making modifications to files such as wpa_supplicant.conf within the Android Things image file, as per this answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/41732035/766115. I’m trying with the Android Things developer preview 4.1 image fi

How to distinguish the original .BMP / .EMF image file with the processed .BMP / .EMF file.

Summarization: Calculations point out in a straight-forward way that: A .BMP picture of 3289 X 4570 X 32bpp takes about 53MB. The picture of same size but 24bpp takes about 43MB, that of 16bpp takes about 28MB. ChemDraw-processed picture file must th

Exporting Excel text as an image file

I finally was able to export excel text as .jpg image file using Excel VBA. I was able to find articles/posts/blogs on how to export a picture/clipart as an image but could not find anything on text. Now that finally I was able to do it, the picture

Where can I put image files, css, js, etc. In Codeigniter?

Where is it acceptable to put css folders and image file folders? I was thinking inside the view folder? However the controller always reroutes the path to the base url so I have to specify the path in the .html file to where it sits, which is redund

How to read the image file and convert it into bits in vhdl

I am trying to read an image file using textio package in vhdl. If i open an .jpg with notepad , i will get some junk data but actually it is ASCII data . Here i am trying to read these ascii data and convert them into bytes. below is my code: librar

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