#142: How Discord Resizes 150 Million Images Every Day

How Discord Resizes 150 Million Images Every Day with Go & C++

Discord is a very popular chat app amongst the gaming community. This post looks at how they handle images sent through the system.

Discord Blog

Elasticsearch 6.0.0 Released

The popular full-text search-oriented database gains zero downtime upgrades, faster restarts, faster query times, and more. The new version is based on Lucene 7.

Clinton Gormley

Codeship Ranked Amongst Top 5 Continuous Integration Vendors by Forrester

Codeship ahead of IBM, AWS, Atlassian, and more. To be considered for Forrester’s report, companies needed to have a comprehensive CI product with a strong vision, more than 25 paying enterprise companies, and a strong product vision.

Codeship sponsored

My VM Is Lighter (and Safer) Than Your Container

A look at an academic paper which explores the question: Can we have the improved isolation of VMs, with the efficiency of containers?

the morning paper

MongoDB 3.6 Released: Now More Robust to Attacks

The new version of the popular NoSQL database is better hardened against network outaages with ‘Retryable Writes’, as well as against ransomware by only binding to localhost by default.


How Sentry Receives 20B Events Monthly While Preparing to Handle 2x That

The tech stack behind Sentry, an error tracking tool, how it has adapted to the company’s growth, and how they handle deploys.


Cloud Native Storage: A Primer

To be ‘cloud native’, storage must be flexible/elastic, persist through failures, and be accessible during infrastructure upgrades.

Yaron Haviv

Building a Microservices Ecosystem with Kafka Streams and KSQL

How to build fine grained, streaming microservices with the Apache Kafka Streams API and KSQL.

Ben Stopford

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