MariaDB 10.1.29 发布,MySQL 分支版本

MariaDB 10.1.29 发布了。MariaDB 数据库管理系统是 MySQL 的一个分支,主要由开源社区在维护,采用 GPL 授权许可 MariaDB 的目的是完全兼容 MySQL,包括 API 和命令行。



  • MDEV-14333
    Mariabackup –apply-log-only crashes if incomplete transactions with update_undo logs are present

  • MDEV-12108
    Fix backup for Innodb tables with DATA DIRECTORY

  • MDEV-13560
    mariabackup –copy-back: Copy all undo tablespace files

  • MDEV-14102
    Restore –remove-original option for mariabackup

  • MDEV-13822
    mariabackup –incremental –prepare incorrectly sets file size


  • MDEV-13328
    ALTER TABLE…DISCARD TABLESPACE takes a lot of time

  • MDEV-14219
    Allow online table rebuild when encryption or compression parameters change

  • MDEV-14051
    ‘Undo log record is too big.’ error occurring in very narrow range of string lengths

  • MDEV-14076
    InnoDB: Failing assertion when accessing INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_SYS_TABLESPACES upon upgrade from 10.1.0 to 10.1.20

  • MDEV-12676
    MySQL#78423 InnoDB FTS duplicate key error

  • MDEV-13051
    MySQL#86607 InnoDB crash after failed ADD INDEX and table_definition_cache eviction

  • MDEV-13838
    : Wrong result after altering a partitioned table


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