Ruby on Rails database.yml information

I’m a designer and brand new to programming.

I have just opened my localhost and can see “Welcome aboard”. It has 3 steps to complete – all of which simple to most, are complexing to me.

  1. config/database.yml ok it wants to know my username and password. Where do I get these and where do I post them to to get them to work? I opened my database.yml and it is SQLite version 3.x gem install sqlite3-ruby

I hear people talking about git and all this but confused on how to do these 3 steps – 1. Create your databases and edit config/database.yml

Rails needs to know your login and password.

2. Use script/generate to create your models and controllers

To see all available options, run it without parameters.

3. Set up a default route and remove or rename this file

Routes are set up in config/routes.rb.

Is this just too over my head? I wouldn’t mind hiring someone to teach get it all going for me because I really want to learn to code Ruby on Rails.


Note – All resolved by deleting and reinstalling. Now I understand what is actually happening.

Since you’re using an SQLite database, you don’t need to configure any username or password to get going with the database — the default configuration should work out of the box and creates a new database file automatically for you.

For your other questions, the Getting Started with Rails
guide over at
is an excellent introduction that walks you through all the steps in creating a new Rails application. Start by going through this tutorial step by step — if you get stuck somewhere along the way you can always come back here and post follow-up questions.

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