Changing a name and assigning a matrix in matlab

Changing file names and copying to a different directory

I have some files say about 1000 numbers.. Wanted to rename those files in such a way that, wanted to cut out only few chars from file name and copy it to some other directory. Ex: Original file name. vfcon062562~19.xml vfcon058794~29.xml vfcon072009

How to Change the Name and Address of a Tag Gag Tagger

Long story short I’m writing a script to migrate a very large project from (gasp) Microsoft SourceSafe to Git and I’m trying to retain the authors of the SourceSafe project’s labels(which are essentially tags in Git). I know you can modify the author

How to randomly change the columns in the 3D matrix in MATLAB

I have 3D matrix (10000 x 60 x 20) and I need to permute 2nd and 3rd dimensions keeping the columns intact. For 2D matrix I use RANDPERM: pidx = randperm(size(A,2)); Aperm = A(:,pidx); I cannot just apply RANDPERM twice – column index first, then pag

Change the name of a .JSP file

I am developing a simple spring application. I have a few jsps and I would like to change the name and the URL of a jsp. I changed the controller: @RequestMapping(value = “/simpleForm.html”, method = RequestMethod.GET) public void simpleForm(Mod

How can I change the name of the company & URL in application & ldquo; Info & rdquo; Page (iPhone App)?

In my App, there is a page that says “App Info”, with the sections “Ratings”, “Tell a Friend”, “App Support”, “Company Name”, “Updated”, “Version”, “Size”, “Rating”,

Need for recommendations for WSDL namespace practices to deal with changing corporate names?

As someone who has worked for a company that has changed it’s name (and hence domain name) at least three times over the last few years, the practice of namespacing our java code with com.[company].[product].[function] etc has meant frequent refactor

Changing character matrix column names and converting data.frame to R

H, I have a 100×5 character matrix in R and the first row contain the column names, how can I move the first row to be the column headers/name and how can I convert it to a dataframe ? Thanks Subset of the character matrix: [,1] [,2] [,3] [,4] [,5] V

Change Name and Bulk Update Joomla / Virtuemart Product Type Settings

I am working with a Joomla / Virtuemart install and ran into a problem when trying to update Product Type Parameters. I have a Product Type with Multiple Values as the Parameter type. I then have a list of possible values like so: Type A;Type B;Type

How to prevent the change of owner name after assigning to other users in crm

If one lead is assigned to other users (eg: XX) , then owner name changes to XX , So how to stop the changing of owner name after assigning.Have you looked at using Queues as your buckets? That would effectively put it in the XX bucket and the origin

Using memory when & ldquo; cut & rdquo; a string variable and assign the new part to the same variable name

Basic python question here: say I have a string variable x=’sdfghjk’ and I need to use just some of the string’s characters, and assign them to the same name, e.g. x=x[x.index(‘g’):] Does the new x come “instead” of the old one in terms of memor

Change the application name and icon programmatically in Android?

Is there any way that the user can choose the application name and launcher icon of my app and set it programmatically? I want to give the permission to user so that he can rename my application and also change the launcher icon of the app. Is there

Blow a string containing the route to a file to change the file name and rebuild the route

I’ve a backend that the user selects the route of the file, and I’ve an input like: /images/soccer/2010-2011/last_match/image_example.jpg Then, with my PHP application I need to change that “image_example” because I encode the name for prevent p

Change native C command names and compiler messages

How can I be able to write C code with different command names instead of the existing, and also to get different compiling warning, errors etc? For example, replace the ‘while’ loop declaration with ‘foobar’, so that: foobar (i<10) i++;="" will="" act="" as:

General programming and mdash; change the name of the variable or just the display name?

I am working on project that is near completion that handles a business’ client information. Amongst the plethora of variables, there are: main_phone cell_phone and office_phone to store various phone numbers of a client. These variables are used all

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