Automatic Installation of Now CLI with Now Desktop

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As mentioned in ourlast post, there are a number of ways to install Now CLI (the command-line interface for interacting with Now) on your device. But the easiest of them all isNow Desktop.

That’s why I’m very excited to announce that — as of Now Desktop 3.8.0
— this process is getting even easier: Now CLI will be installed automatically, without further interaction. No need to click any buttons anymore.

this announcement, you had to downloadNow Desktop, open it, log in or sign up and then move through the tutorial sections to a specifiy one where you had to click on a button to trigger the installation of Now CLI.

Once that was done, you had to wait for a progress bar to fill up and indicate that it was successfully installed.

Today, after
the release of Now Desktop 3.8.0
, the only action left for new users is to download it and open the application:

Unchecking the checkbox will prevent the automatic installation

Behind the curtains, the download will start automatically as soon as the application launches. Then, once you’ve logged in or signed up, the binary will be moved from a temporary directory to its final destination.

Just like before, the target directory will be determined using the list of directories that are already in your PATH

As you’re expecting it, both projects are — of course — open source! This means that we’re welcoming anyone to contribute valuable feedback (or even code) to Now Desktop
and Now CLI

If you’d like to talk to me personally about one of those projects, you can reach me as @leo
on our public Slack workspace

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