Xiaomi Redmi Y1 MIUI 9 Stable ROM now in testing

Xiaomi announcedRedmi Y1 andRedmi Y1 Lite along with MIUI 9 Global ROM on 2nd Nov in an event and released a schedule for MIUI 9 stable ROM roll out. As per theschedule, Redmi Y1, Redmi Y1 were kept in second batch of devices which were supposed to receive MIUI 9 update in mid November. Yesterday morning Xiaomi started rolling out a Stable Nightly update for Mi 5 and the same day in evening Stable Nightly update roll out began for Redmi Y1.

Nightly Stable ROMs are rolled out to random users, for more info on Nightly Stable builds refer tothis post. The new update comes as MIUI and also brings October security patch to Redmi Y1.

This update is for Redmi Y1 only and not for Redmi Y1 Lite. Xiaomi is also asking for feedback from the users who have received this update, in case you have got update on your device you can submit your feedback here .


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