AngularConnect 2017 and the Nrwl Pod

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Victor Savkin on stage at AngularConnect 2017 © Katura Jensen

Another year of AngularConnect came and went, and once again the level of content and community engagement was of the highest of quality. This year the entireNrwl team was on location delivering workshops, talks and Q and A sessions. It was great to spend time with other amazing Angular community members, talk shop (and a lot ofNx) and watch some really solid and inspiring talks.

DYK: A group of Narwhals is called a “pod”

With the recent release of Angular Version 5 there was a lot of excitement around improved performance (both runtime and build time improvements), from service workers and pre-rendering to build optimizations within the Angular CLI. And of course, there were plenty of talks covering good practices and conventions.

Let’s do a quick recap of what the Nrwl team covered and point out some other picks.

Nrwl Talks

Jeff Cross provided encouragement for teams to start pre-rendering their Angular applications and guidance as to when and where to pre-render in his Pre-Rendering Strategies talk.

Ayşegül Yönet took us into the land of augmented and virtual reality in her Exciting World of WebVR talk, outlining both and examining how cameras and scenes are implemented.

Victor Savkin covered one of the most requested topics in the Angular community right now, illustrating the benefits of state and different strategies for implementation in his talk on State Management Patterns and Best Practices with NgRx .

Nrwl Workshops

We had two workshops that we ran at the start of the conference. Victor taught the one on Upgrading From AngularJS to Angular: An Incremental Approach . Jeff and I delivered the one on Building High Performance PWAs (Progressive Web Applications). Workshops are one of the services we provide for our clients and are something we are passionate about, so it was great to get the opportunity to deliver these to members of the community at AngularConnect. Both the upgrade and the PWA workshops are available as private workshops to Nrwl customers, so shoot us a note [email protected] if you’d like to train your team!


Of course, the Nrwl team wasn’t the only ones providing content for the community during AngularConnect. All of the talks this year were amazing, and here are a few that I recommend you catch (or start out with):

You can also check out all of the talks from both days on the AngularConnect YouTube channel .

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