Google continues Pixel 2 push with new ‘Ask more’ ad that played in theaters [Video]

Google’s primary marketing line for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is to have users “Ask more” of their phones. In addition to billboards teasing last month’s event , Google has released a new ad with the tagline that some viewers saw in front of movies over the weekend.

Nintendo Switch

The approximately two-minute spot was seen by our own Ben Schoon this weekend during the trailers and upcoming section before Thor: Ragnarok .

Featuring a host of people in “everyday situations,” it primarily serves to showcase the Pixel 2’s various features. Google Assistant is at the forefront with its travel reminders, customization, and hands-free features being extensively shown off. Interestingly, Google Lens only received a single mention when used to identify a music album.

Up next is hardware, like IP67 waterproofing and the camera with its video stabilization and low-light photography. Fast charging also gets a mention, with Google not able to resist another jab at the iPhone’s “Storage full” notification.

Of note, the ad mostly featured the Pixel 2 XL and specifically the “panda” Black & White variant. That model is currently sold out on the Google Store .

As we enter the holiday season, Google will likely ramp up this advertising push. Hopefully, it will actually have the stock to match and not repeat last year’s months of waiting experienced by some.

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