Top 5: Getting started with Python, Ansible to manage PostgreSQL, and more

In this week’s Top 5, we highlight machine learning, games, DevOps, and more!

Top 5 articles of the week

5. Using open source tools to play Dungeons and Dragons

Joe Kline shares how he uses open source tools to play role-playing games – both in person and online. Create scenarios, develop maps, and do more with tools you know and love.

4. How containers and DevOps transformed Duke University’s IT department

Virtual machine sprawl can be a real problem. Chris Collins tells us how Duke University used containers and a culture change to improve its IT services.

3. 3 security tips for software developers

Security is a broad and complex subject, but some advice is always applicable. Pete Savage shares three tips that you should keep in mind as you design software and systems.

2. How to use Ansible to manage PostgreSQL

The database is a critical part of many IT systems, so you want to make sure it’s well-managed. Robert Bernier’s article shows how you can use Ansible to do that.

1. Resources for getting started with Python and machine learning

Have a machine learning project you want to try?Then you should read Vyoma Patel’s article. Start by learning the basics of Python and then learn how to apply it to machine learning.

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Ben Cotton

Ben Cotton is a meteorologist by training and a high-performance computing engineer by trade. Ben works as a technical evangelist at Cycle Computing . He is a Fedora user and contributor, co-founded a local open source meetup group, and is a member of the Open Source Initiative and a supporter of Software Freedom Conservancy. Find him on Twitter ( @FunnelFiasco ) or at

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