Newgen Software Technology Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Newgen came to our college for Software engineer profile. (Eligible branches-CSE and IT)

Round 1:(Online Round)

The first round consists of 75 questions in 90 minutes. The MCQs focused mainly on technical, apptitude and english.

Sections- Apptitude (25 Questions), Verbal(25) and Technical(25)

Shortlisting of candidates based on sectional cut-off.

Round 2:(Technical Interview-50-55 mins)

It started with my introduction and followed by the brief discussion on my project (ORE-Optimized Results Engine).

Ques 1-Find the 3 largest or kth largest element from an array?

He asked me to write the code in the language in which you are comfortable. I choose Python.

Ques 2-Tell commands of DML, DCL, DDL?

Ques 3- Questions regarding Time Complexities of various sorting techniques.

Ques 4- Draw ER diagram of your projects?

I started drawing then he asked about the primary key, foreign key, candidate key and super key.

Ques 5- Difference between linked list and arrays, questions on linked list (reverse a linked list, traversal ).

Ques-6 What is priority queue, tell the difference between binary tree and BST.

Ques 7-What is RDMS, and explain all types of joins in sql.

After 3 hr my name called for HR. (Happy but nervous too).

Round 3:(HR Interview 15-20 min)

1-Tell something about yourself?

2-Why Newgen?

3-Tell about your areas of improvement?

4-Normal questions regarding family background, academics and extra-curricular activities.

5-What are your strength and weakness?

Final Result(21 selected including me).

Tips: Be calm and answer politely.

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