Gartner Cancels Hype Cycle in Response to “Peak Hype” Crisis

Stamford, Connecticut 1 April, 2016

Following on reports of the global environment reaching “ peak hype
,”Gartner Inc announced today that it will cancel this year’s publication of its popularHype Cycle series. “World wide stocks of hype are at dangerously low levels,” said a company spokesperson. “It would be irresponsible to contribute further to this decline by consuming the vast amounts of hype that this series requires.”

A previous effort torepositionthe hype cycle to be more hype-efficient did not have sufficient effect given the dramatic increase in hothouse hype in the previous year. Topics such as IoT, Big Data, and Digital … (well, everything) have increased hype consumption to record levels.

A spokesperson for one of the leading US presidential candidates criticized the move saying “This is just a conspiracy among intellectual elites to scare everyone. Our candidate has acquired fantastic, fabulous stockpiles of hype. There is plenty to go around, if everyone votes the right way.”

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