‘Once Upon a Tower’ will challenge you to escape out of a high tower

‘Once Upon a Tower’ is not your ordinary mobile action game. Well, gameplay may be a bit familiar but this game features a princess trying to save herself. No need to wait for a knight or a prince to save you because you can get yourself out of the high tower by simply hammering your way out. You see, the princess doesn’t always need a prince or any hero. She can escape with your help, without having to wait for the knight. Because honestly, the dragon already ate him. Oops.

Setting the character free is easy. Hammer down those walls to defeat the enemies. The dragon is waiting and watching out for you but don’t worry, you can escape it. This is one crazy adventure but with you playing, all those enemies will be done and you’ll be out of the tower in no time.

Developed by Pomelo Games, ‘Once Upon a Tower’ is an action game that will have you plotting and wanting to escape more than ever. Being trapped in a high tower shouldn’t be forever. You don’t even have to wait for that valiant knight because you can get out yourself.

Download Once Upon a Tower
from the Google Play Store

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