BSides Tampa 2017 Videos


These are the videos from the BSides Tampa

conference. Thanks to all of the BSides Crew for having me out to help record and render the videos. Special thanks to my video crew.

Keynote Talk : – Cyber Security in the Age of Espionage

Eric O’Neill (Not posted)

Advanced Targeted Attack.

Andy Thompson

Phishing Pholks Phor Phun and Prophit

Erich Kron

Alert All the Things! (Network Baselines/Alerts with Bro Scripts)

Matthew Domko

Intro to Fuzzing for Fun and Profit

Brian Beaudry


Kevin Poulsen (Not Recorded)

Build Your Own Physical Pentesting Go-Bag

Beau Bullock, Derek Banks

NFC Your Smartphone’s Best Friend or Worst Nightmare

Shane Hartman

e-Extortion Trends and Defense

Erik Iker

HIPAA for Infosec Professionals

Michael Brown

Deconstructing 100% JavaScript-based Ransomware

Jeremy Rasmussen & Paolo Soto

Mozilla’s tips on strong HTTPS

Julien Vehent

Redefining Security in a Cloud-Centric Future

Mike Spaulding & Mitch Spaulding

Securing The Electrical Grid From Modern Threats

Christopher Williams

Securing Agile Development

Alan Zukowski

What I’ve Learned Writing CTF Challenges

Vito Genoese

Build the capability to Detect, Triage And Respond

Scott Sattler

What the Hell is ICS Security?

Brandon Workentin

Protecting Third-Party Risk From Plundering

Stacey Banks

Protecting Visual Assets: Digital Image Counter-Surveillance Strategies

Nikita Mazurov & Kenneth Brown

ArchStrike Linux

Chad Seaman

Hacking The Sabbath

Jonathan Singer

Chaining The Future: Block Chains and Security

Joe Blankenship

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