North Sea Maritime Training

Today, we went out onto the North Sea for a day of maritime training, a course how to rescue, survive and help in the case of being lost at sea, or going overboard from a ship at high sea. The course was extremely valuable towards my long-term goal of being able to do clean-ups of North Sea shipwrecks from ghost nets , abandoned fishing nets which harm marine life.

We went out this morning for two hours of class-room training and then boarded a ship and went out to sea, where we learned how to use flares, smoking pots, floats and various means to rescue men over board and victims of drowning.

Some impressions:

Staying together and increasing visibility
Throwing a smoking pot
OMG the float has capsized!
Climbing out
Saving another soul!
We’re okay

This training was organized by
Get Wet . I can highly recommend it.

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