Facebook rolls out new guidelines for earning money from content; bans porn and hate

Credit: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/13/facebook-monetization-2/

You can no longer earn money from posting certain categories or classes of content on Facebook, the company has announced . Rolling out new guidelines for earning money on its platform on Wednesday, Facebook said publishers will no longer be able to monetize hate, porn, violence and drugs.

The ban covers content that will be posted across its services including, Instant Articles, Branded Content, and mid-roll video Ad Breaks.

“Facebook uses automated and manual enforcement methods to determine whether content is eligible for monetization. We’ll do our best to consider the context and purpose, including content that is educational or intended to be comedic. Facebook also reserves the right to not show ads at our discretion, including from certain advertisers or certain formats. Advertisers choose where they want to advertise and may also choose to avoid content about sensitive topics. Creators and publishers with multiple violations could lose access to all monetization features .”

Following this announcement, publishers/advertizers will no longer be able to place ads on the following classes of content on Facebook:

Misappropriation of Children’s Characters

Content that depicts family entertainment characters engaging in violent, sexualized, or otherwise inappropriate behavior, including videos positioned in a comedic or satirical manner. For example, situations where characters sustain serious personal injury, are involved in vile or shocking acts, or involved in behavior such as smoking or drinking.

Tragedy & Conflict-Content that focuses on real world tragedies, including but not limited to depictions of death, casualties, physical injuries, even if the intention is to promote awareness or education. For example, situations like natural disasters, crime, self-harm, medical conditions and terminal illnesses.

Debated Social Issues– Content that is incendiary, inflammatory, demeaning or disparages people, groups, or causes is not eligible for ads. Content that features or promotes issues attacks on people or groups is generally not eligible for ads, even if in the context of news or awareness purposes.

Violent Content

Content that is depicting threats or acts of violence against people or animals, where this is the focal point and is not presented with additional context. Examples includes content featuring fights, gore, beatings of either animals or people, or excessively graphic violence in the course of video gameplay.

Adult Content

Content where the focal point is nudity or adult content, including depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative.

Prohibited Activity

Content that depicts, constitutes, facilitates, or promotes the sale or use of illegal or illicit products, services or activities. Examples include content that features coordinated criminal activity, drug use, or vandalism.

Explicit Content

Content that depicts overly graphic images, blood, open wounds, bodily fluids, surgeries, medical procedures, or gore that is intended to shock or scare.

Drugs or Alcohol Use

Content depicting or promoting the excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, or drug use

Inappropriate Language

Content should not contain excessive use of derogatory language, including language intended to offend or insult particular groups of people.

Facebook recently released a white paper in which it told the US Congress that it had unknowingly sold ads space to Russian operatives whose intention was to influence the last presidential elections in the US. The company disclosed this after concluding investigation—tracing $100,000 to a “troll farm” in Russia.

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