iPhone 8 encrusted in diamonds could cost over $20,000

Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone next week, with the new iPhone 8 possibly costing north of $1200 for the 512GB version. But what if you want to spend $3000+ on the new iPhone? GOOOLLLDDDD.

London-based store Goldgenie is preparing for iPhone 8 orders, offering up new iPhone 8 smartphones in 24K gold, rose gold, and platinum. If you like bling, you’ll be fine with the diamond-encrusted iPhone 8 that I’m sure costs an arm and a leg.

Goldgenie is also offering a service where they’ll take your brand new iPhone 8 apart and replace the casing with a solid 18K gold version, just in case you like gold… like, a lot.

But if you have $20,000 burning a hole in your pocket you could really splurge and go for an iPhone 8 with diamonds on the back and sides, a model that Goldgenie should unveil soon. The previous-gen iPhone 7 version of the 24K Gold iPhone featuring the “Diamond MegaStar and Cluster” cost $19,573 – oh, but I forgot to mention it came with a one-year concierge service.

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