Are Women Paid Less Than Men In UX?

  1. 19 March, 2017

    Link: Are Women Paid Less Than Men In UX?

    This is an interesting survey.

    Spoiler alert: women don’t get paid as much on average. BUT… there are some good parts of the story, and the difference isn’t very much (unless you’re over 55, which is when women UXers suddenly become dramatically undervalued, apparently.)

    You may be interested to learn than women under 36, on average, get paid more
    than men in UX, and the less
    experience designers have, the more equally they are paid. Very young designers are actually paid almost exactly equal salaries!

    There are some good trends in the linked article (if you interpret them as trends), and it’s nice that the difference is smaller than in many other industries (including tech, overall).

    That being said, if you’re a dude like me, it’s also good to think about how we can help balance the scales when women and men get more experience and/or get older. The equality of youth shouldn’t disappear with experience!

    Read it now »



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