Five Models for Making Sense of Complex Systems

  1. 30 March, 2017

    Link: Five Models for Making Sense of Complex Systems

    In User Experience design, or technical matters, or business, or maybe just in life, you will sometimes need to explain something complicated to someone who isn’t ready for it.

    A developer might have to explain the back-end system to a sales person.

    An information architect might need to explain the site structure they just designed to the developer who will build it.

    Or a marketing manager might need to explain the complexities of their leads generation process to the person who is setting up their Salesforce instance.

    And God help you if you do something that is actually complicated, like theoretical physics, or casting for reality tv shows.

    Regardless of your audience, sometimes the challenge is finding a way to explain it in the first place.

    The linked article gives you 5 options for explaining complication things to other people by visualizing them, so when you want to explain the deep learning algorithm you used to maximize the drama between the two alpha guys who are both trying to get the Bachelorette’s attention, you’ll know which tool to use.

    Protip: The “System Model” is basically a site map, and could be used to describe information architecture or navigation paths through an app.

    Read it now »



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