Do make me think

  1. 24 March, 2017

    Link: Do make me think

    This is a really great article, from an experienced UXer, about situations where making interactions slower
    and more complicated
    might actually be the best design.

    Wait, what? You read that correctly. Anti-UX: UX principles used against
    the user, but for the benefit
    of the user.

    This is sophisticated stuff. My favorite stuff.

    Believe it or not, this article makes a case against
    Steve Krug’s book “ Don’t Make Me Think” —
    the most popular UX book of all time — and discusses the downside of that type of thinking. To some people, this might feel like posting an article about the downside of The Bible on a religious blog.

    Also my favorite stuff. ;)

    We are a generation of designers that spend all of our time making fast, easy, reward-driven behavior for users. But is that the only
    type of interactions we need in the world? Probably (definitely) not.

    There are times when instant gratification actually turns the users’ attention away
    from important things, or makes us ignore important news stories, or forget the people that are sitting right beside us. We’re so focused on quick, easy, fun things that make us feel good in the moment, we barely ever add anything to our brains/purpose/lives.

    Consider this your weekend dose of design philosophy. :)

    Read it now »



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