Amazon offers Fixed 12% Commission on Native Shopping Ads in April 2017

Do you use the Amazon affiliate program? If not, you should!

I’ll give you some of MY Amazon stats in a second to inspire you a little. ��

And as an extra incentive , they are offering 12% FIXED commission on their Native Shipping Ads during the month of April!

That’s a SWEET deal, and a great incentive to start using their Native Shopping Ads. Which is exactly why *I* finally set them up myself on my own niche blog…

You can read more about it, and set up your ads here.

I typically only use direct Amazon product links – such as text links or image links to specific products – and sometimes I use the image links to illustrate blog posts.

(Cool tip!)

To give you a little motivation and incentive, my Amazon product links SO FAR this month have seen:

26,874 impressions

43.29% click-through rate

totaling 11,634 clicks

…and 254 sales

That’s SO FAR this month.

And I haven’t really pushed anything that much… ��

And of course I *just* installed the Native Shopping Ads site-wide – an hour ago. So it will be fun to see how that bumps ad performance & sales over the next 30 days!

I’m actually impressed with the products it chooses to display, based on the post. It’s very similar to Adsense, with the contextual targeting too.

So in addition to being relevant to the page/post you’re reading it will pull product ads from your wishlist, via retargeting, and based on YOUR interests & history – which is cool, and great for conversions!

I used this free WordPress plugin to set it up: and it all took about five minutes. ��

You can see it live on my niche site.I’ll give you some FUN posts worth reading to view as live examples, so you can actually enjoy the content… too. ��

You’ll see it at the end of every post, above my “About” and the comments – even on mobile:

Me climbing a rickety fire tower – and an inspiring story about it ��

The pull-up bar that almost ate my lunch! (lol @ the hat)

A scary hike through the Caney Fork River Gorge (crazy!!)

A beautiful, adventurous solo-hike through Fall Creek Falls

In addition to using the wordpress plugin to set it up sitewide super fast, you can also insert it manually anywhere in any post.

Here’s a live example of that for you:

If you haven’t set up the Native Shopping Ads, NOW is a great time to do that. :wink:

12% commission on Amazon products is hard to beat, considering Amazon is a household name and how well they convert. This is a great way to EASILY boost your earnings during the month of April!


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