Introducing our new app: Card Case

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We have a new app to show you. :rocket: But before breaking the suspense, a quick introduction.

Ever since Google announced the new Nearby
technology, we have been itching to try it out. We even did atalk) about it. If you haven’t heard abou it, it’s a simple way of finding other mobile phones near yours, and sharing information with them, across Android and iOS. It uses a mix of technologies to achieve that, like WiFi, Bluetooth and even sound.

So we came up with the concept forCard Case, an app to simplify contacts exchange. You just need to be nearby, with the app. No need to create any account, ask for an username or send an email. By pressing the exchange button, business cards are shared between 2 or more people nearby.

Give it a try on your next meetup and let us know what do you think. ⚑

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