Blogging over at F5 Labs

In case you missed it, I’ve been doing a lot of blogging over at F5 Labs

The Humanization of the Security Leader: What CISOs Need to Be Successful

When someone from the IT group gets promoted into security management, a common first lesson is that “geek culture” is ineffective in the boardroom. Just watch one episode of The Big Bang Theory and you’ll recognize the classic nerd character…

How Three Low-Risk Vulnerabilities Become One High

Revisting van Beek’s Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover vulnerability to make it much deadlier. (Co-author)

Using F5 Labs Application Threat Intelligence

As security professionals, we often feel like we’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to cyber security. (Co-author)

The Risk Pivot: Succeeding with Business Leadership by Quantifying Ops Risk

Getting the security investments you need often comes down to making your case to management in terms of operational risk.

The Conflicting Obligations of a Security Leader

Faced with competing pressures, CISOs are ultimately the experts at assessing what’s truly at stake in their organizations.

Building Secure Solutions Successfully Using Systems Theory

When security solutions don’t work as planned, embrace the complexity and use Systems Theory tools to adjust, regulate, and redefine.

DNS Is Still the Achilles’ Heel of the Internet

Since the Internet can’t survive without DNS, let’s make our best effort to defend it.

Will Deception as a Defense Become Mainstream?

Defensive deception works well, but needs championing before we’ll see it as a best practice or compliance requirement.

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