WCF Multi-layer Services Development with Entity Framework, 4th Edition


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Book Description

This book will teach you all the essentials to develop WCF services using Entity Framework as the backend. You will be guided right through the creation of six WCF and Entity Framework solutions.

You will start off by creating, implementing, and hosting a basic HelloWorld WCF Service followed by deploying the service and publishing it to IIS. Next, you will learn how to create and test a layered service, and then enhance it further by adding a data access layer and exception handling. Next, you will be introduced to LINQ. Starting with the basics, you will then dive into the advanced concepts and features of LINQ to Entities, including Entity Framework, deferred execution, querying a view, and mapping a procedure. Finally, you will get to grips with the RESTful WCF services and security.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a WCF service without using the built-in WCF templates so you can understand the versatility of what’s going on under the hood
  • Explore the different methods for hosting and debugging options for a WCF service
  • Build a multi-layer, real-world WCF service from scratch by using WCF templates and Test Client
  • Learn the basic and advanced features of Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities, and apply LINQ to Entities to the data access layer of a WCF service
  • Convert a SOAP WCF service to a RESTful WCF service and create a Windows 8 app to consume a RESTful WCF service
  • Configure the authorization and authentication security settings of WCF and get the details of hosting Windows authentication
  • Explore the extension point architecture of WCF and extend a WCF service with custom behaviors
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