Sunsetting Our UX V1

From the beginning, we atHelloSign have been 100% optimized for a desktop signing experience. As we’ve rocketed in usage and popularity, it became more and more imperative that the signing experience be mobile optimized as well. A new HelloSign user experience version called UX Version 2 was brought to market in 2015. While users were able to enjoy the mobile-optimized signing flow immediately after the release, we gave API customers the ability to opt into this new experience by using a ‘uxVersion’ flag.

And now the time has come. After over 2 years of supporting both UX versions, we will be sunsetting UX Version as of July 19, 2017. UX version 2 is the experience that we will continue to make product investment in as part of the Hellosign roadmap. UX version 2 supports features such as white labeling, decline to sign, signer reassignment and a mobile experience in a clean, elegant interaction.

Most of our customers will be unaffected by this update, but the select customers who implemented the HelloSign API before November of 2014 may be affected. The best way to ensure that you and your users will not be affected by the sunset is to ensure that your app utilizes our latest version of the hellosign-embedded.js client library.

There are three ways to incorporate the library:

  1. Linking to the latest version in a script tag
  2. Adding a specific version as an NPM dependency and including in your front-end build process
  3. Building from the source repository

For more detail please read the “Getting Started” section of the github repo .

Onwards and upwards!

The HelloSign Team

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